June 25th, 2020

 Remote Appointment Availability: We are happy to offer remote appointments allowing you to receive updates to your financial plan or accounts from the safety of your own home. If you have any current or underlying health concerns, we highly recommend this option for you. Our staff can easily walk you through the technology steps required so you may still enjoy a face-to-face conversation with your advisor. We will happily email or mail any pertinent documents prior to your appointment so you can follow along at home.

• Social Distancing Requirements Satisfied: If you do elect to have an in-person appointment, our staff will greet you from behind a reception counter allowing for 6’ distance and our conference room features a large 10’ x 3.5’ table making 6’ easily attainable from multiple seats in the room.

 General Cleanliness: The waiting and conference rooms will be disinfected in between each appointment. We have asked all staff to be cognizant of frequent handwashing and general cleanliness. Your advisor will be especially cautious, washing their hands in between appointments as well. Hand sanitizer is readily available to all employees and building guests.

• Overall Health: We encourage our team (and clients) to maintain a healthy lifestyle in all aspects. Our owner and founder leads by example, following a daily exercise regimen and healthy diet. Additionally, employees are encouraged to maintain balanced work and personal lives to reduce stress and other mental/physical strain. Resources for these lifestyle choices are promoted and openly available. The Sunrise Team strives to be consistently proactive in both your finances and your health!